SQUID Game cryptocurrency surged 2,400 percent, Shiba Inu and Bitcoin flourish

SQUID Game cryptocurrency surged 2,400 percent in a DAY after Shiba Inu soared and Bitcoin recovered.

CNBC revealed that the market capitalization of SQUID crypto was over $174million, when it was trading $2.22 over the course of 24 hours on Thursday. And on the same day, Shiba Inu was experiencing a visible increase, in the crypto market, and Bitcoin that was experiencing a major break down recovered on the same day.

What happened to Bitcoin?

Bitcoin was fighting to recover from a fall it had in the early hours of Wednesday, from $63,064 to $58,500 a 24 hour high. The miracle Bitcoin needed came with SQUID Game cryptocurrency’s Surge, on Thursday, as it rose back to $61,000.

Shiba Inu’s increase

While Bitcoin was experiencing its comeback, Shiba Inu was scaling in a geometric rate with a nearly 40 percent price surge on Wednesday morning, a tremendous increase into Thursday.

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