South Point mall shooting – 4 injured after fights leads to gunfire

The Streets at Southpoint had to evacuate and close for sometime Sunday afternoon after some people heard what they thought were gunshots.

Police said a fight broke out in the mall’s food court at about 3:09 p.m. but after investigating, there was no evidence of gunfire at the mall at 6910 Fayetteville Road.

Police said the noise people thought were gunshots were actually caused by people banging a broom on a table and flipping over other tables.

Four people were hurt.

Two of them were involved in the fight and two others from the chaos that ensued. As people fled, some chairs and tables were overturned.

Police said multiple witnesses told them they saw that one of the instigators of the chaos had a gun, but they never saw it fired.

The four injured people were taken to a hospital for treatment of what police described as non-life-threatening injuries.