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Death – Obituary : Two Newborns Were Found Dead on a New York City Patio in November; Police Say They Still Have No Leads – NBC New York – Cause Of Death

What to Know

  • Two newborn boys, thought to be twins, were found dead on a Bronx patio on Nov. 9, 2020; their case is now being investigated as a double homicide, top NYPD officials said Thursday
  • No cause of death has been released for the kids and no arrests have been made; a reward for information is expected to be increased to $10,000 as the NYPD seeks to solve the tragic crime
  • The resident who discovered the dead babies called 911 and left his name with investigators, sources confirmed at the time; he is not considered a suspect and no suspects have been named

The NYPD is expected to declare a double homicide investigation is underway Thursday in the mysterious deaths of two newborn boys whose bodies were found on a Bronx patio nearly five months ago, officials say.

Few leads have emerged in the disturbing case of the dead children, who were thought to have been born less than 24 hours after they were discovered by a resident of a multi-story building on College Avenue in Concourse on Nov. 9.

One of the babies was found wrapped in some sort of material; the other was left in the open. The cause of death for the newborns, who were thought to be twins, has not been released. Officials may unveil autopsy results at a news briefing Thursday as the reason for the reassignment of the case as a double homicide investigation.

NYPD officials are also expected to announce they are raising the reward for information to $10,000. New Crime Stoppers posters are going up in the neighborhood as authorities ask the public for help solving the tragic crime.

Authorities are investigating the deaths of two newborn boys who were found wrapped in brown paper on the patio of a Bronx building Monday afternoon, police officials say. NBC New York’s Ida Siegal reports.

Sources close to the investigation had said one of the babies had what appeared to be a blue string tied around his neck, but investigators now believe that was an umbilical cord, law enforcement sources have said.

The resident who found the babies called 911 and left his name with investigators, law enforcement sources confirmed.

In an exclusive interview with News 4’s sister station, Telemundo 47, Osvaldo Volquez said he saw one of the babies on the patio by his apartment building.

“He still had his umbilical cord, in a fetal position,” he recounted to Telemundo 47 in Spanish.

The heartbreaking discovery has forever impacted Volquez, he added.

“How can you reach that point of cruelty?” he asked.

It still isn’t clear who birthed the babies, who left them on the patio or how the children died. Police canvassed the area for surveillance video for potential leads, but months later say they still need more help from the public to find the killer.

Two newborns were found dead in the Bronx on Monday night. Ida Siegal reports.

A woman who lives in the building said at the time she didn’t remember seeing anyone pregnant, and wondered how the children were left in such a location.

“I was surprised because there’s no way to get back there. I don’t know how somebody would get back there or to put babies, that’s just crazy,” said Tytiana Lomax.

Others in the neighborhood said there could have been options for whoever left the babies, even if the person or persons involved were overwhelmed by the births.

“You could take the baby to the police station, to church, anywhere. you don’t have to leave the baby like that,” said Roy Brown.

Anyone with information on the case is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-577-TIPS.

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