By Muhammad Atef | April 9, 2021

Search efforts continue for missing Missoula teen | Local News

The guardian of a missing Missoula teen is urging anyone with information to come forward, and hopes emphasizing Tyra Sepulveda’s appearance will aid in search efforts to find her.

She has bright red hair and pays extra attention to her makeup and appearance, Dacia Griego, Sepulveda’s aunt and primary guardian, said on Thursday. Sepulveda has no piercings or tattoos.

“She is so beautiful, and really into makeup and hair,” Griego said.

She added that Sepulveda does not have a license, vehicle or income, so she thinks it is possible someone is accompanying her.

“We really appreciate how people are coming forward with information, but we’ve been unable to confirm anything at this point about her location,” Griego said.

Sepulveda has been missing since the weekend, after she left home to meet with friends at the Missoula Skate Park on Friday and did not return home on Saturday or Sunday.

If anyone has any information regarding Sepulveda’s whereabouts, Missoula Police Officers Dan Kozlowski and Jim Johnson can be reached at 406-552-6300.

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