By Muhammad Atef | April 8, 2021

Death – Obituary : Nashville man dies after going missing from assisted living facility – Cause Of Death

A Nashville assisted living facility was recently forbidden from accepting new residents after a man with dementia wandered out of his room, exited the building without triggering an alarm, spent the night outside and died on the facility grounds.

J.B. Knowles Home Assisted Living, which is owned by the city and has long served historically Black neighborhoods in North Nashville, was suspended from new admissions by a March 13 order from Tennessee Health Commissioner Dr. Lisa Piercey.

A Knowles administrator said Thursday the facility has since taken corrective steps to make the facility more secure, so the suspension is expected to be lifted shortly.

Piercey’s order doesn’t explain the cause of the suspension in detail. The Tennessee Department of Health, which is responsible for oversight of assisted living facilities, claims the documents explaining the need for the order are confidential.

But it is clear the suspension was caused at least in part by a recent death at the facility.Michael Walker, 64, a Knowles resident, was missing for hours before being found dead outside the facility on Feb. 28, according to the Nashville Metro Police Department.

The J.B. Knowles Home Assisted Living facility in Nashville was barred from accepting new residents after a man who lived there, Michael Walker, went missing and died on facility grounds.

Walker’s death remains under investigation, but it is not a criminal investigation at this time, police spokesperson Kris Mumford said. Walker’s body showed no signs of drug use or foul play, Mumford said, and police are waiting on the Davidson County Medical Examiner to determine his cause of death.

Although Walker was found dead more than five weeks ago, and the Knowles facility was barred from accepting new residents for more than three weeks, it appears that none of this information has been publicly reported until now.

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Cause Of Death 

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