By Muhammad Atef | April 9, 2021

Authorities Find Missing Oklahoma 14-Year-Old In Texas With Man She Met Online

A missing 14-year-old Oklahoma girl is safe after being found nearly six hours away in Texas with a 21-year-old man.

Family of the missing girl said she met a stranger online who drove from San Angelo, Texas to Slaughterville around 8 p.m. Sunday and picked the girl up without the foster mother’s permission.

“I’m livid, why is this man getting away with all this stuff?” the 14-year-old’s biological sister, Kinzie told News 9.

Family said the man picked up the 14-year-old near Maguire Road and 144th Street, east of Slaughterville.

A quick-thinking neighbor was able to get a vehicle description and tags.

What had family terrified, they said, the tag on the vehicle did not match the suspect’s vehicle seen driving away.

“I was freaking out because it’s a 14-year-old girl that got into a car with a 21-year-old man,” said Kinzie. “What’s the first thing I’m going to think, child sex trafficking.”

According to family, the girl met the man on a website called Pinturillo 2, a drawing game with chat features.

The man drove approximately six hours from San Angelo, picked up the girl and drove back.

“The foster mom was able to contact the phone company that they go through and ask for the last number that she (the 14-year-old girl) was talking to or had called, and foster mom paid to do a reverse number look up,” said Kinzie. “She was the one who found the address, she was the one who found his name.”

The suspect cooperated with San Angelo police. He told officers he had no idea the girl was 14.

“I deep down believe he knew because first off she doesn’t even look of age. She looks like a little 14 or 15-year-old girl,” said Kinzie. “Why would you even be talking to somebody in the first place if you don’t know for sure their age?”

The San Angelo Police Department released the following statement to News 9:

“SAPD Officers corresponded with a detective from Cleveland County Sheriff’s Office in Oklahoma who relayed information that a runaway juvenile was possibly at a residence in San Angelo with (the 21-year-old man).

Through investigation, Officers made contact with (the 21-year-old man) and the juvenile. A Detective from the Department’s Criminal Investigations Division responded to further investigate. At the conclusion of the preliminary field investigation, the detective determined that there was not sufficient probable cause to charge (the 21-year-old man) with an offense and the juvenile was released to the custody of Child Protective Services.”

The Cleveland County Sheriff’s Office has released little information, but said they are investigating and “The Criminal Investigation Division is conducting an inquiry into the circumstances surrounding the runaway.”

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