Skeleton of Marc Cobb missing has been discovered in Itawamba County

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Skeleton believed to be that of a man missing since last year found in Itawamba County

The skeleton of a human has been discovered in Itawamba County by two boys who alarmed the police. The body is believed to be that of a man who has been missing since last year.

Where was the skeleton found?

Police say the remains were found by two boys in the Tilden Community off Highway 25 South, in Itawamba County.

Itawamba County Sheriff Chris Dickinson, “There is one person missing in town. Fulton Police Department is working that. We are working closely with them, as well as MBI. Remains will be sent to a lab and if we can verify who it is then we will know more at that point.”

Who is missing Marc Cobbs?

Marc Cobbs is a 25-year-old man who was last seen seen in January 2020, at “America’s Inn” in Fulton. He has not been seen since his disappearance and police are of the beleif that the remains found belongs to him.

What have the Police done with the remains?

The remains have been taken for an autopsy to determine whose remains it is and if possible the cause of death.

Chris Dickinson said, “The biggest challenge for law enforcement is when we find remains of someone is determining a manner of death, because if it’s what we had a month ago, a thirteen-year-old case, if we can’t find a manner of death, that’s an issue to us. We can’t determine what actually happened to that person,”

Police are still investigating the case and are asking anyone with information to reach the Itawamba police at 6628623401, and Crimestoppers at 800-773-8477.