Simran Gordon Death – Black man shot dead by New York officer

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Simran Gordon Death – Obituary : New York Attorney General Letitia James released two videos from body-worn cameras, showing an officer enters the grocery store, draws his weapon, and asks the man, identified as Simran Gordon, to take his hands out of his pockets.

The officer approached and repeated the order, but Gordon, who began fleeing through the aisles, was pursued by the officer.

When the officer catches up with Gordon, the image becomes jumbled as the officer was off-balance.

Several shots were heard.

Rochester police claimed that Gordon had been armed and fired the first shot.

The officer shouts at Gordon, “Drop the gun” while he is on the ground.

In the other video, the second officer arrives from another direction and kneels down on the level with the victim’s face. He is facedown and moaning.

With her foot, she appears to remove an object from his hand, saying. “I got it.”

Police claimed that the 24-year old victim was attempting to rob the West Main Street Family Dollar.

According to the police department, who called police claimed that Gordon had a handgun and was holding an employee at gunpoint.