Sherrick Byrd Obituary – Death , Marriott Marquis Hotel Murder / Suicide Victims Identified

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Sherrick Byrd Obituary – Death

Sherrick Byrd Obituary – Death : On Tuesday, 7th of September, 2021, there was an incident believed to be a homicide /  murder at the Marriott Marquis hotel, Houston which left two victims in its wake. The two victims have been identified as ex-couple “Sherrick Byrd and Jenna Soderberg” according to Harris County Institute of Forensic Sciences. Byrd shot and killed Soderberg who he had been in a relationship with for as far back as 2017. before killing himself. The two had reportedly been dating prior to their unfortunate deaths.

After further investigations, it was revealed that there had been court records showing that the couple had previously had a violent relationship. Jenner had reportedly accused Byrd of assaulting her sometime in 2018 and 2019. According to Jenner  she said :

“I want this protective order because I am afraid for my safety when Sherrick is around. The incident on July 4, 2019 showed me that Sherrick is erratic and aggressive and I am afraid of future violence. I am scared of what could happen if Sherrick is allowed to be around me and I want this protective order to keep me safe”.

The case was however dismissed when Byrd couldn’t be found. Byrd had previously served a six month jail sentence for brutally assaulting Soderberg in 2018.

Cause of Death

According to reports from the police, the cause of death of the two victims were listed as Murder and Suicide. According to witness reports, both victims had arrived in different vehicles to the hotel and they seemed to be arguing at the lobby of the downtown Houston Hotel on Tuesday before the shooting occurred. Not long after their arrival at the hotel, Byrd shot at Soderberg before shooting himself. Soderberg had been shot in the head while Byrd shot himself in the head as well.

Both victims were pronounced dead at the scene.

Funeral Arrangements / Visitation

There has been no statement (yet) from Byrd’s family concerning funeral arrangements ,visitation time or even the events that occurred. We will be sure to update relevant information as the case unfold further.