Sherri Ann Jarvis missing – Walker County Jane Doe identified

Sherri Ann Jarvis – Death – Cause of death: Missing person from Minnesota in 1980 has now been identified as a missing 14 y/o from Stillwater, Minnesota.

MINNESOTA, US State – Unbelievable revelation as Walker County Jane Doe has been identified after over 41 years of trying and the family of 14-year-old Sherri Ann Jarvis finally gets closure.

On November 1st, 1980, a truck driver found the body of a young teenage girl lying facedown on the road and called the attention of the police. The body was taken for examination and the police asked for help in identifying the teen who had been sexually assaulted, beaten, and strangled to death.

Despite various suggestions from the public, the identity of the girl remained unknown and she was later buried at the Adickes Addition at Oakwood Cemetery, in January 1981.

Years after she was buried, in a bid to find answers to the case of the girl who was now popularly known as Walker County Jane Doe, her body was exhumed for further advanced means of identification. Her body was exhumed in 1999 and updated forensic testing, which included DNA testing that included STR and mtDNA markers were conducted to help identify her but it was still not matched to get her identity.

In recent times, 2012 and 2015 specifically, the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children carried out multiple forensic facial construction and sketches which they believed will help get the identity of the teen but it was all unsuccessful.

Authorities said recently that there has finally been a breakthrough in the cold case as, In 2020, the Walker County Sheriff’s Office contracted Othram to employ advanced DNA testing to help generate new leads in the case. This has now led to solving the identity of the girl.

Using a very advanced technology which is explained as formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded tissue became the breakthrough in her identification. They were able to get DNA matches which were confirmed as that of a 14-year-old teen who went missing from Stillwater, Minnesota in the early part of 1980.

The Walker County Jane Doe has now been identified as Sherri Ann Jarvis who is also registered under the missing person’s register in that year.

Sherri Ann Jarvis death:

Ann has now been confirmed dead after over 41 years of trying to solve her case. The family can now get closure after such a long time.

An investigation into her painful cause of death is currently ongoing and is being anchored by the Walker County Sheriff’s Office. Justice is needed for this young teenage girl who lost her life in such a horrible manner.

The Walker County Sheriff’s Office is now asking anyone who knows anything concerning the incidence that can help the case to contact them on (936) 435-2400.

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