Sheridan Wahl Missing – Help find woman missing from Myrtle Beach

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Sheridan Wahl Missing – Family of Arizona State University student missing from Myrtle Beach seeks help in finding her.

Sheridan Wahl, an Arizona State University student has been reported missing from Sheridan Wahl. She was reportedly seen last on Sunday, 19th of September 2021.

According to reports, she was seen last at 300 S. Ocean in Myrtle Beach. The family and loved ones of Sheridan has expressed deep worries at her disappearance and fear she might be in danger.

Molly Floyd said in a Facebook post on Monday “My son’s friend has a sister, Sheridan Wahl, who has been missing for 24 hours in Florida. Sharing this to put out the word with my Florida friends.”

Sheridan’s father, Kelly Wahl appealed to the public to help find her. He said in a Facebook post, ” Please help find my daughter. Last seen at 300 S. Ocean in Myrtle Beach. We haven’t heard from her since 1pm and her phone is not picking up.”

Sheridan vehicle was reportedly found at the Myrtle Beach yesterday and it was believed to have crashed. According to a Twitter post by Samuel Rose, “She was trying to leave town to return to University in Tampa. White male seen running away.”

Sheridan Wahl description:

Sheridan is described as an adult female who has long light brown curly hair and brown eyes. She is said to be of medium build.

The last known clothing description was not given.

Help find Sheridan Wahl:

To help find Sheridan, you cab share this post on our Facebook and Twitter as this will help create awareness that she is missing.

Anyone who has seen or heard from Sheridan Wahl since the reported date has been asked to call 911.

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