Shelly Miscavige Missing | David Miscavige’s Wife Missing

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Shelly Miscavige Missing – It is 13 years since the wife of Scientology leader David Miscavige, has been declared missing and there is yet to be a conclusion her disappearance.

Miscavige went missing in 2007. Her whereabouts is yet to be known and nothing has been heard to give hope that she is still alive. A lot of people are believing that Miscavige has died.

The church has insisted that she is alive and well, but many people are not believing that.

A Youtube video uploaded April 9, 2020 by Mangotology claimed Shelly Miscavige spoke out before her sudden disappearance. The uploader claimed the video contained a “private conversation” between a former Scientologist and Shelly before she went missing.

The uploader discussed “the rumors of David Miscavige having been in a relationship with his assistant during his marriage to Shelly, leading to speculation on whether this is a possible reason for Shelly’s disappearance.”

A publication made on said a new report claims the 58-year-old is alive and, in mid-December, was spotted leaving a Scientology cruise ship in the Caribbean.

A curly haired, middle-aged woman – who US magazine National Enquirer claims bears a “striking resemblance” to Shelly – was photographed disembarking from Freewinds and, reveals an onlooker, observed being “hustled” into a waiting blacked-out Mercedes.

“Scientologists come and go all day from the ship, but there was something different about this woman,” explained the bystander, adding, “The covertness of it all was actually what really stood out.”

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