Shaelynn Boye Missing – Help find run-away Georgia girl

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Police seeks help in finding Georgia run-away teen, Shaelynn Boye missing for almost one-year.

Shaelynn Boye, 13 year at the time reported missing has been missing since August 21st 2020 and its now almost a year, she is still yet to be found. She was said to have ran away from her home and hasn’t returned since then.

The 13 year-old was reportedly seen last at her home the said say by her grandmother who noticed she was gone the next morning. Her bedroom was said to have been left opened and some of her personal belongings which included some clothes were gone.

The family and friends of Shaelynn expressed worried as she was too young to have decided to leave home and appealed to the public to help find her.

Jonie L Barnett, mother to Shaelynn friend said on a Facebook post “A 13 year old child! She has made a decision that she is to young to make and that decision being to leave her house. She has probably been told that there is a missing person out on her so she is probably hiding and scared to come home thinking she will be in so much trouble. I just care for this baby to return home to her grandmother Tammy safe. I DO NOT WANT ANOTHER CHILD TO GET HURT LIKE MY DAUGHTER AMBERLY.”

Shaelynn was described as a White female who is approximately 5’4″ feet tall and weighs about 120 pounds. She is said to have blue eyes and brown hair with blonde highlights.

The Polk County police are asking the help of the public in finding Shaelynn Boye.

Anyone who has seen or heard from her since reported missing or has information on her whereabouts have been asked to contact the Polk County Police Department at (770)-748-7331 or Cedartown Police Department at (770)-748-4123.