Seneca Corey has passed away, What happened to Seneca Corey?

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Fatal car accident Colorado

Seneca Corey Death – Obituary: Seneca Corey has been identified as the victim that died in a fatal car accident in Colorado.

The crash happened on Wednesday, Sept, 28, 2021.

The circumstances surrounding his death was not disclosed by the officials.

This is a developing story, further updates will include whether speed and alcohol contributed to the accident, whether the deceased was wearing seat belt during the crash and more.

Friends have taken to their social media handle to express their grief over the death of Seneca Corey.

According to Tyler Vegter, “I will never forget the impact you made on my Life sen. The memories, the night you saved me life. I love you so much. Best damn friend I’ve ever had. I am going to miss you like crazy.

You drove like I do, and I’m so sorry it took you away from me. I love you Seneca Corey. I’ll see you when I get up there. RIP.”

Amaris House wrote, “Seneca Corey You made such a positive impact in so many people’s lives, such a fun crazy loving person. I love what we got to spend together. From messing around in class to all the dumb parties, even running cattle together, to growing up and working at the same dog kennel (still goofing off),

you driving hours away to pick up our identical puppies, to me giving you your first tattoo and you having a million more planned after that. I’m sorry I didn’t get to finish them all but I’ve got all your sketches Thank you for being you, so many miss you already. I’m beyond thankful I got to know you. Rest easy cowgirl.”

May the soul of Seneca Corey rest in the bosom of the Lord, Amen!