Selemawit Negash Obituary – Death, Victim of Phoenix accident

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Selemawit Negash Obituary – Death

Cause of Death

The victim of the fatal Phoenix accident that happened on Monday, September 6, 2021 has been identified by authorities. The accident occurred on Bethany Road around 7am. The Victim has been identified as 23-year-old Selemawit Negash.  Negash sustained severe injuries and was rushed to the Hospital but she was pronounced dead despite efforts to save her.

The driver of a Chevrolet Tahoe was reported to have run a red light and crashed right into Negash’s Nissan. The impact sent the Nissan off the road through a wall into a residence which caused the severe injury sustained by the victim which later led to her demise.

The driver also sustained minor injuries and was hospitalized while the accident is still being investigated. Authorities believe that the crash may have happened as a result of some impairment from the driver of the Chevrolet.