Search for missing Daniel Robinson geologist in Arizona still ongoing

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Geologist Daniel Robinson missing – Has Arizona geologist been found?

Its been over 3 months since the disappearance of 24-year-old Arizona geologist, and still no word from him or sight of him. officers are increasingly concerned for the geologist

He was reportedly last seen near Sun Valley Parkway and Cactus Road on June 23, leaving the his home without the knowledge of anyone.

Robinson wasn’t seen or heard from since his last seen. but officers say his 2017 jeep Renegade was found in a ravine by a landowner, on July 19.

What happened to Arizona geologist, Daniel Robinson?

The police said the car had a significant damage but there was no sign of him. His clothes, keys, cellphone, and wallet were found there.

Arizona geologist, Daniel Robinson car accident

We are not certain if the geologist had an accident and was rushed out of his car. but if he was rushed to the hospitall or taken out for treatement someone or he might have called home.

Arizona geologist, Daniel Robinson abduction

Abduction might be the case here since there was no sign of blood in the scene to imply an accident. investigations are still ongoing to unravell this mystery.

Arizona geologist, Daniel Robinson death

According to the police a human skull was found weeks later in the same scene where his car was found. forensic check was done and an autopsy conducted which prove that it wasnt the skull of the geologist.

Arizona geologist, Daniel Robinson description

He is described as a black man, approximately 5’8″ tall, and is reportedly missing part of his arms.