School Board Member Leslee King Dies After Heart Procedure

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Leslee King Death, Obituary

Member of a School board of directors Leslee King has reportedly passed away on Tuesday 31st of August 2021 due to complications of heart procedure previously this summer.

King was originally a software engineer, who worked with all branches of the military, the U.S. Central Command, Defense Information Systems Agency, Department of Homeland Security, and Department of State, among others.


Chairwoman Breda Sheridan said in a statement; “Leslee was a dedicated board member and fierce advocate for every student. who served alongside King for two years. She prepared, researched, and spoke unapologetically to her positions. Her support and friendship throughout this most difficult and challenging term were unwavering. I will miss my colleague and ally, and most importantly, my friend.”

superintendent Scott Ziegler also made a statement; “As a school board member, Ms. King was a positive force for good. Her voice for all children never wavered and she always spoke her mind in the kindest way possible. I looked forward to her wit and wisdom at our meetings. She will be missed.”

Her fellow board member Ian Sertokin (Blue Ridge) said. “Leslee was a relentlessly positive person who never ran out of optimism, kindness, and stories about her children and grandchildren, she cared deeply for all of our students and staff, and I will miss her greatly.”