Sarah Wellgreen Body Found – Has the body of woman missing from Kent been found?

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Sarah Wellgreen Body Found – Story of woman murdered by her ex-lover who refused to say where he buried her body.

Sarah Wellgreen, 48 year-old at the time, was reported missing from New Ash Green Kent on Wednesday, 8th of October 2018. She was reportedly seen last in the her home in the area before she suddenly disappeared.

According to reports, the 48 year-old was a mother of five children and was divorced.

Search for Sarah Wellgreen:

Authorities searched for the 48 year-old immediately she was reported missing. they searched all areas for her but the search did not turn up anything.

Investigation into the case began when the police suspected ‘foul play’ in her disappearance.

In the course of the investigation, her ex-partner, the father of her kids became a suspect in the case of her disappearance.

Ben Lacomba, Sarah’s ex husband was said to have hosted a party for a children’s event at the local village hall same day search was being carried out for her. He was also said to have been trying to rush the custody hearing admist her disappearance this led to an arrest.

A CCTV footage was later recovered by the police which linked Ben to the murder of Sarah. He was convicted by a judge and sentenced to 27 years in prison although no body was found.

The case was widely recognized as it was featured by a 5Star documentary My Lover, My Killer. The show told the story of Sarah and her killer.

Sarah Wellgreen description:

The 28 year-old was described as a White female who had hazel eyes and long brown hair.

No distinctive features were given. Her last known clothing description was also not given.

Sarah Wellgreen death:

Sarah was declared dead by authorities following her financial and digital footprint.

Nobody was found at the time to that effect.

Sarah Wellgreen body found:

At the time of this report authorities has not confirmed that Sarah’s remains has been recovered as Ben refused to show the police where he had dumped or buried her body.

Sarah’s family and loved ones are yet to find peace, because Lacomba has never revealed the location of her remains.

Lewis said “There’s still that missing piece, and it will always be like that, because there’ll always be that missing piece because of what he has done, I believe he’s withholding that because that’s the only sort of power that he has left. As soon as he tells us that, that’s him admitting doing it, which he has never done. But all the evidence pointed towards him.”

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