Sarah Goode Missing – Man charged in murder of missing Medford woman dies

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Sarah Goode Missing – Woman who went missing in June 2014 found dead and man charged with her murder.

Medford, OREGON – Sarah Goode, 21 year old mom of 4 year old was reported missing on June 6, 2014. She reportedly went for a party and never returned home.

On Sunday, June 8, 2014 the family of the 21 year old reported her missing to the local police that they have not seen her for 2 days. About an hour later of reporting her missing to Suffolk County Police, her gray 1999 BMW was found parked in a wooded area in Medford, far from her home where she lived with her mother and daughter. It was confirmed by the police that the car was not broken into instead was found under ” suspicious circumstances”.

Circumstances which the Suffolk County Detective Michael Fitz Harris did not say were, and if Goodes personal belongings were in the vehicle.

Almost a week after she vanished, on 12 June, 2014 a search party of 45 people found her body in the woods a mile from where her car was found abandoned around Camden Court in Medford.

About her killer:

On 12 July, 2014, a 19 year old former marine who throwed advances to 21 year old Sarah Goode but was rejected was been arrested in connection with her murder case. As details of her death was been revealed by Prosecutors , Dante Taylor was on murder charges in a central Islip courtroom. About 50 family members of the deceased were present in the court, sometimes responding verbally as Prosecutor Janet Albertson described how Sarah was killed.

The Prosecutor told the court that Dante brutally raped Goode then proceeded to beating her with a sharp metal object so badly which a piece of metal was found in her skull. He then dumped her body, nude from waist down, in the woods. Inside of Goode’s vehicle was covered in blood.

Last week in Vero beach, Florida. Taylor was arrested on unrelated charges. Prosecutors confirmed a bloody handprint in Goode’s car and text messages between him and the deceased on the night she went missing linking him to the murder.

Taylor was charged with second-degree murder and was sentenced to life in prison without parole. He was later found dead in prison October 2017.

Goode’s family responded to the news of Taylor been dead on Facebook post, which read :

“The monster who so violently ended Sarah’s young life will no longer breathe, will no longer see another day, will no longer have the privilege of living a life – something he made certain she could not do. Sarah’s beauty is eternal. Her laugh is unforgettable. Her memories are carved in the hearts of all who she met “.