Sarah Boehm Missing – True Crime featured the case of the murder of missing Pennsylvania girl

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Sarah Boehm Missing – Hopes are high of a new insight into the murder of 14 year-old Pennsylvania girl in 1994 as True Crime, TV show features her case.

Pennsylvania, U.S – Who is Sarah Boehm?

Sarah was a 14 year-old girl from Pennsylvania who went missing in the year 1994. She was said to be fun filled and loving teenager.

What happened to Sarah Boehm?

Sarah was reportedly seen last leaving her home in Pennsylvania on August 21st. She was reportedly said to have left on the assumption of going for a sleep over night at her friends.

However, Sarah never came back home and her family reported her missing after she did not return home the next day and missed an appointment with her counsellor.

Search for Sarah Boehm:

The police commenced search for the 14 year-old after she was reported missing. Her case was said to have been ruled as that of a run-away missing teen as a letter found during the search suggested.

According to reports, the later had Sarah explaining her plans to run away to Washington, D.C., or New York City. The letter also reportedly suggested that Sarah was in an abusive relationship with an older man.

Authorities tried to identify the older man to see if he was related to her disappearance but that was unsuccessful.

Kathryn Menendez missing:

17 year-old Kathryn had also gone missing from the area on August 21st, 1994, from her home in Alliance and was also listed as a run-away.

Sarah Boehm death:

Two days into the search, the body of the 14 year-old was found in inside the Berlin Lake Wildlife Area.

The cause of death was given as murder although no one has been arrested in relation to Sarah’s murder.

According to reports, the body of a teen runaway, Kathryn Menendez, 17 year-old was also found in the area lying face down on an oil well access road off Fewtown Road near the Berlin Reservoir.

Multiple sources say she had been strangled, stabbed and beaten. Her murder as well as Sarah’s remains unsolved.

True Crime, TV show:

A TV show which is titled True Crime and airs on ID Discovery is said to feature the story of the two unsolved murder of the missing Pennsylvania teens. The episode of the show which is themed “What Happened to Sarah?” was aired at 10pm on Sunday, September 12th 2021.

Murder Road Podcase tweeted “In case nobody knew, tonight on ID Discovery at 10, there’s a new doc about Sarah Boehm. So if you get a chance, please watch. Tell people about it. Talk to people about Sarah, Kathy Menendez, Lisa Watters, and Andy Hussey. Please contact us with any info. Keep their names.”

Gall, the host of the show said “For two teenage girls who are listed as runaways to be found that close to each other in one area in that short of time made us feel that there was a connection, For 25 years, policemen have been trying to figure this out. What we need is a little bit of luck, This child had it rough from the beginning. She shouldn’t be forgotten. It’s important to me we find out what really happened to her.”

Authorities believed the show would shed new lights into the murder case of both girls.

Anyone who has information that can help in the case has been asked to contact the Beaver County District Attorney’s Office at 724-773-8550.

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