Salim Hamze Death – Gunmen at large after two Hamze family shooting

Salim Hamze Death – Obituary : 18-year-old Salim Hamze and his 64-year-old father His father Toufik Hamze were shot and killed outside their home in Sydney’s south-west, according to reports.
EMS responded at about 8.55 a.m. on a shooting report, located the two men in a Ute on Osgood St near Woodville Road, Guildford, police said.
Authorities said Salim Hamze died at the scene, while his dad Toufik Hamze succumbed this morning to his injuries at the hospital he was transported to for treatment.

Investigator are seeking two suspects in connection to incident. And are working to understand if its a gang-related incident between the Hamze and Alameddine families.

State Crime Command director Detective Chief Superintendent Darren Bennett said Salim Hamze was well-known to police.

He said Salim was on bail over firearms charges after a September arrest.

Police say they not aware of any involvement by Toufik Hamze in criminal activity.

A burned-out getaway car was found in nearby Murdock Lane.
Witnesses said they heard a loud bang from the lane before a black car drove away at high speed.
No arrests have been made.
The war between the Hamze and Alameddine families has exploded in the past year, with dozens of shootings and at least half a dozen murders attributed to the conflict.

In October last year, Bassam Hamzy’s cousin Bilal Hamze was shot dead on Bridge Street in the Sydney CBD in June this year.

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