Sad!!! Singer Jason Aldean Mourns Loss Of Ryan Fleming

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Ryan Fleming Death : Obituary, 

Security guard and long time friend of the country’s star Jason Aldean has died. Aldean announced this on Wednesday Aug 25th via social media, sharing photos of fleming with words of remembrances.

The Cause of death is yet to be released to the public.  We will keep you update as soon we are feed.

Fleming, A.K.A “Rhino,” and the singer Aldean grew up together in Georgia; Fleming worked as a bouncer at a local bar in Macon and also worked for the local sheriff.

Aldean wrote “When it came time for me to hire a security guy that I knew would always look out for me and my family, there was no question for me that person was Rhino.”

“He came out and traveled the world with us, and for years, if [you] saw me, Rhino wasn’t too far away. He was a good man and an even better friend.” Aldean also said.

A number of Aldean’s friends and former tourmates share their condolences across social media platforms.

“What a ride we were on … traveling the world, joking every step of the way. I will love and miss you forever,” she writes. “Thank you for protecting us. You are family, forever and always.”