Robert Kraay of Roswell, Georgia Obituary – Death

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Robert Kraay of Roswell, Georgia Obituary – Death

Robert Kraay of Roswell, Georgia Obituary – Death: The death of Robert Kraay came as a shock to the residents of Roswell, Georgia. Kraay passed away on the September 8, 2021. This is such a sad time for the family and loved ones Kraay has left behind. The cause of Kraay’s death has not been revealed by the family yet at the time of this publication but we will make sure to update all the necessary information as it unfolds.

Funeral arrangement/ Visitation

There is no news yet from the family concerning funeral arrangements or visitation time. Nothing prepares a person for the loss of a loved one and so at a dire time like this, we extend our warmest condolences to the family of the deceased.


Family, friends and loved ones have taken to their social media platforms to pour out their heartfelt condolences:

Robby Gilbert
“Oh how my heart breaks right now for one of my former Tucker Tigers football players, his family and friends. He was one of my biggest supporters when I got the head baseball position at Decatur. Never news you want to get. RIP Robert Kraay”.

Annette Gibson
“What??!! I’m brokenhearted. I just can’t believe this!! I taught Robert and knew him very well. This is so very sad. 😢”

Julia Havlish Padgett
“Robert Kraay this cut deep!! I will never forget you getting lost when you first moved near me in elementary school. I will never forget being there for your first kiss (with lots of chap stick) and being your wingman/woman. You were so much fun to grow up with. Always checking in on me as we grew and became adults. Thank you for always encouraging me even as adults. Thanks for being amazing. Loved by so many. RIP my friend”.

Claire Goldman
“He walked me all the way home when I found out I got an F on a test in social studies right after all the Mr. knuckles drama. I was so upset and didn’t want to face my parents. He walked me home with his arm around me in that giant white football Jersey he used to wear. 😭 I loved me some Robert Kraay”.