Roaa Disappearance – Remains of missing Lakewood woman found in a container

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Roaa Disappearance – Remains of Lakewood woman missing since 2016 found inside a container.

Lakewood, OH – Roaa S. Al Dhannoon, 24 year-old at the time she went missing was seen last at her residence in Edgewater Drive Lakewood, Ohio.

According to reports, Roaa was said to have left for work on October 16th 2016 and did not return since then.

Roaa S. Al Dhannoon description:

The then 24 year-old was described as a White female who was approximately 5’4″ feet tall and weighs about 132 pounds. She was said to have black hair and black eyes.

Distinctive features were given as tattoos she had on her left hand and wrist.

Roaa S. Al Dhannoon Search:

The authorities searched for Roaa after she was reported missing. The Lakewood Police, with help from the FBI and other law enforcement agencies, have been investigating the disappearance of Al Dhannoon since Oct. 2016.

They searched areas where she was seen last and areas she was said to frequent but the search turned up nothing.

The Lakewood police and the FBI announced a reward for anyone who finds Al Dhannoon, or for information that helps locate her. According to Lakewood police Chief Tim Malley, Al Dhannoon’s ex-husband, Fahad Mohammed Saeed, visited her the morning before she disappeared.

Roaa S. Al Dhannoon Found dead:

In May 2017, while searching a wooded area along Big Creek in Brooklyn for evidence, one of the dogs got a hit on a container buried along the creek.

The remains of Roaa was inside the container and her ex-boyfriend was arrested and charged for with violation of a protection order on Oct. 28, 2016 after investigators found out he had contact with her and their 3-year-old son.

Roaa S. Al Dhannoon death:

The actual cause of death was not released by the police. Investigation on the case is still on-going.

Roaa was described by her loved ones as “She was very generous, very kind-hearted, she was very warm, extremely genuine.” She was said to have loved her son and her job very well.