Ritchie Collins Missing – Help police find man missing from Bellingham, Washington

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Ritchie Collins Missing – Authorities search for 58 year old man missing from Bellingham, Washington since April 30,2019

He was reported missing on April 30, 2019 after his 2006 Honda Element Two Tone gray / Blue was found at the Colonial Creek Campground an hour east of Rockport, off Highway 20, near Diablo lake in the North Cascades, with the key sitting on the roof and he was not found there.

Detectives are not only looking for Collins but are hoping to find the ” we found out that his family said that Mr. Collins had a lot of firearms in his possession. He was in the Army. He worked for Customs and Border Patrol and his firearms were nowhere to be found and his safe was open, as well and no firearms inside the safe. We searched the residence. We searched crawlspaces and didn’t find firearms. We just don’t know where the guns are at this time and what would happen with that many guns. Family members said that he had upwards of at least 30 guns in his possession, so it’s just odd that that many guns are missing and we haven’t found them yet”, said Whatcom County Sheriff’s Detective, Ken Gates.

Gun cases was found empty in his home after he vanished.

Families are still hoping to find Collins safe, with the help from those known by him. “The big thing is that if any of his friends are watching, or listening to the program, is reach out with any tidbit of information. Even if it’s, did he have a storage unit in Whatcom County? Did he have a storage unit somewhere in Skagit County, which is the nearby county to us? Or, if they even had a phone call or text in April or March of 2018? I think it’s very important,” said Detective. Gates.

Detectives are not trying to link Collins’ disappearance to crime at this point. Collins is an adult and can leave and start a new life anywhere. They just want he and his firearms to be safe.

Ritchie Collins Description

The 58 years old was described as White man with Brown Eyes, Brown Hair, Weighs 275 and has a height of 6’1″ .

If you have any information about the whereabouts of Ritchie Collins please call the hot line at 1-800-222-TIPS(8477).

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