Richard Marcinko dead, first commanding officer of SEAL Team Six

By | December 27, 2021

On November 23, 2019, Richard Marcinko (left) is with Roman Mashovets, a former member of the Ukrainian Navy’s Special Forces and the current President’s Deputy Director of the Office of National Security and Defense. (Roman Mashovets) According to a post on the Facebook page of the SEAL Museum, Richard “Dick” Masinko, the first commander of the retired SEALs and SEAL Team VI, has passed away.

Marcinko led the SEALs in what is known as the Navy’s most successful SEAL operation during the Vietnam War: the attack on Ilo Ilo Han in May 1967. According to the SEAL Museum, Masinko and his men killed many Vietcongs and destroyed their six sampans. Masinko deployed with the SEAL Team II for the second time during the Vietnam War. His platoon assisted the Army Special Forces during the Spring Festival offensive.

He was one of two naval representatives of the task force that helped release the American hostages during the Iranian hostage crisis in 1979. After the tragedy, the Navy appointed Masinko to design and develop a special counter-terrorism team.

Richard Marcinko dead, first commanding officer of SEAL Team Six

Admiral Thomas B. Hayward, Secretary of Naval Operations, chose Marcinco as the first commander of the force. At that time, the Navy had two SEAL teams. According to the Navy SEAL Museum, Masinko named the unit “Seal Team Six” to convince other countries that there are other SEALs. He also carefully selected members from the existing SEALs and underwater blasting teams. Masinko led the SEAL Team Six for three years.

According to his Amazon author profile, after retiring from the Navy, Marcinko became the CEO of his private security company SOS Temps Inc.

Marcinko is the author of The Real Team; Rogue Warrior’s Success Strategies: The Principles of Commando Victory; According to Amazon, the four-month New York Times commercial bestseller “Leadership Secrets of Rogue Warriors: A Guide to Commando Success”, according to Amazon.

He also founded Richard Marcinko Inc., an inspirational training and team building company; according to Amazon, Red Cell International, Inc. conducts vulnerability assessments on high-value assets and high-risk targets.

“Rogue Warrior, who ranked first in the New York Times best-selling autobiography, laid the foundation for his best-selling Rogue Warrior novel, eight of which were co-authored with John Weisman,” Amazon said.