Richard Jacobus Missing – Help find Wiscousin man

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The Chisago Police seeks assistance in finding Richard Jacobus, man missing from Wisconsin.

Richard Jacobus, 59 year-old is missing from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He was reportedly seen last on Monday, August 9th.

According to reports, Richard is believed to have been traveling from Milwaukee to Rochester but he never made it to his destination. He was said to have been seen in the area of Taylors Falls from Wednesday to Saturday of the week after he was seen last.

The 59 year-old is described as a White male who is approximately 6’2″ feet tall and weighs about 195 pounds. He has bald sandy/blonde hair and blue eyes.

During a search for Richard on Sunday, August 15th his car which he was believed to be travelling in was found in Taylors Falls but he wasn’t in it or nearby. The search is still on-going.

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The Authorities are seeking help in finding him. They urge anyone with information to say something.

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Anyone who has seen or heard from Richard Jacobus since reported missing or has information on his whereabouts have been asked to Contact The Chisago County Sheriff’s Office 651-257-4100.