Rene Casagrande purportedly found dead after suspected kidnap

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Everything you need to know about MC Gui’s Cousins Disappearance

Rene Casagrande, aged 32, has been declared missing, and according to sources he was kidnapped and has been found dead. 

Who is Rene Casagrande? 

The 32 year-old businessman, living in the city of Poa and cousin of musician MC Gui currently in the reality TV dhow “The Farm 13” disappeared I the East Zone of Sao Paulo five days ago.

His vehicle was found with the seats torn and without the gold chains Rene was known for in the used in the city of Itaquaquecetuba.

Police have not ruled out conducting investigation. On Monday (20), the police established and operation near the crime scene; where Rene’s vehicle was found as well as a community near the Yatim Paulita locality to locate missing victims.

What Happened to Rene Casagrande?

According to reports the missing 32 year-old businessman, was a widely known car dealer, more information regarding the alleged death news will be updated upon confirmation as his demise cannot be confirmed currently.

He’s been alleged to be missing over 5 days.

He is alleged to be a childhood friend and playmate of his cousin singer MC Gui.

Rene is said to be a tobacco shop owner, and a father of two children.

He has reportedly been found dead after suspected kidnap.

Rene Casagrande Family, Wife and Children.

Rene Casagrande did not leave much details about himself, family, wife and kids. Our thoughts are with the family in this trying time.