Rapper J Stash is death, obituary, Whats happened J $tash (Justin Joseph)

By | January 3, 2022

Rapper J Stash is death, obituary – Apparently there is talk of a dirty one by the artist but nothing is confirmed, it is just a simple rumor. Throughout his career, Florida rapper J$tash has been given various professional titles. Rapper, model, designer, businessman. These are not general fillers for his Twitter biography. J$tash has a good track record, receiving guidance from Young Money and a model co-branding from Kanye West.

In terms of style and music, he continued to avoid classification. Proudly plan his brand image and personal identity, just like his music works. The 23-year-old rapper has absorbed the influence of his sun-drenched hometown and time spent in Japan, creating a creative young image and voice. We found $tash over the phone to uncover his native noise.

How did growing up in Florida affect your style and music?

Florida influenced my style, like the sordid feeling of the South, grills, and face tattoos. My music is not that much. Growing up in South Florida, the weather is cool, the climate is pleasant, the food is delicious, there is a lot of Caribbean culture, I would not like any other places. Now look at South Florida, we are in a leading position in music games, but I didn’t expect to see this at all when I was growing up. In terms of music, young people in Florida do now dominate, with people like Smoke Purp, Lil Pump, and Kodak Black.

For most people, South Florida is a holiday destination. That’s where you went for two weeks and then you left, but it left a huge mark on me. The style there is very psychedelic, and there are many psychedelic people below. People come from all over the world, from Cuba to the Bahamas. I think I would say that I have gained a lot of my sense of style from the mix of cultures. The culture there is that you must have a golden grill, so as long as I remember I always have a golden grill.

It has been brought into the fashion world recently, but in Florida, it has always been a ritual.

Why did you decide to leave Florida for New York?

When I first moved to New York, I was working on my first music project. That was my motivation-to go to New York to let my music be heard. I was originally born in New York, so I went back every year since then. New York is one of the best online and marketing cities in the world, and you are with influencers 24/7. You never know who you will meet, the possibilities are endless, which is a huge attraction for me. I love Florida, but the right opportunity for me will never be there, so I have to leave.

As a rapper, model and designer-how do you define yourself as an artist?

You can almost call me a liar. When I was growing up, I never had a job, but I always managed to live my own way. For me, educating myself is the most important thing, and turning the skills I learned on the street into a more legal way. When I grew up, I used to sell drugs and stuff, but this taught me how to make a living. To this day, this background and noise still exist in my heart, and it inspires me to never stop working now.

Now to be honest, I don’t even really focus on music, I’m doing other things. I am more focused on establishing companies and opening stores in different countries. I have been working in secret. Rap is just a platform for one to go out and grow.

Is Instagram or SoundCloud more helpful to your career success?

Instagram is the most successful platform in my career. Instagram is almost just branding itself, unfiltered and unaltered. You can express yourself in any way you want, expressing more through images than words. SoundCloud today is very different from when I first produced it, when it just released music and expressed itself directly. Now that the record company has mastered it, it has basically become the same thing as Apple Music. You can now get paid by using SoundCloud, so it changes the entire game.

At 16, you lived in South Beach and wandered around Lil Wayne and Young Money. What is this experience for such a young person?

At that time, Lil Wayne’s first assistant was like my mentor. He took me into that world and let me experience it all. His name is Troy Bless, because of Troy, I can be by Young Money’s side and establish myself in that scene.

Everyone actually lived in my house back then, so it was a cool experience. I learned a lot from that group of people, the most important thing is to always be professional and always have a lawyer. This is all I can say.

How would you describe your own personal style?

In 2017, I would say that Asia has the greatest influence on my style. In all the places and countries that I have visited in the world, there are more, deeper and deeper colors and hues. Black becomes so repetitive in fashion, but the way they use dark tones is really interesting to me. The way of cutting and installation is completely different from anywhere else in the world. Japan is leading the trend, and then everyone else is catching up with the trend, South Korea and China are starting to create some very cool things.