Rapper 600 Bossmoo Is Dead – Was He Shot And Killed By Police?

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Rapper 600 Bossmoo is dead, but there has been no official statement on his death cause. Find out more about the incident. 

600 Bossmoo is a hip-hop artist from Team 600, a rap group from Southside Chicago.

Rapper 600 Bossmoo Is Dead?

Rapper 600 Bossmoo’s fellow rapper friend 600 Breezy said he is dead. There are all kinds of rumors going on about what caused his death on the Internet.

Some say that he was shot, whereas some people believe that he may have committed suicide, signifying to his Instagram story a few days back where he said a voice on his head keeps on telling him to kill himself.

The rapper’s death has disheartened many, wh

Team 600 is affiliated with the Black Disciples street gang which implies that risks were lurking around him. Thus, it has resulted in many guesses regarding his death.

600 Bossmoo Real Name

We are not informed about 600 Bossmoo real name at present.

There is not much information about the rapper since he was not as famous as his fellow singer friend Breezy or Chief Keef aka Keith Farrelle Cozart. However, he is available on both Instagram and Twitter.

Instagram: 600bossmoo

Twiiter: @600bossmoo

Was He Shot And Killed By Police?- Find out his death cause

According to Breezy, he was shot by the police when he was in California. However, there is no official news on how he died. There are many speculations that netizens are doing regarding his death cause.