Rachel Cooke Missing – What happened to Racheal Cooke from Georgetown

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Rachel Cooke Missing – Where is Racheal Cooke from Georgetown

Rachel Cooke who has been missing since she went jogging in Georgetown on Jan. 10, 2002, has still not been found and authorities are on the look out for a man believe to know something about her disappearance

Where is the man who has information on the disappearance of Rachel Cooke?

A searching is currently ongoing by the Williamson County Sheriff’s Office for a man who may know something about the case of Cooke’s disappearance.

Reports say that he is known to have been an associate of Cooke’s while she was in Georgetown and is also believed to be involved in the cattle and horse industry.

It is believed according to reports that the man in a conversation with an acquaintance, might have said things about Cooke’s disappearance “likely speaking of the incident in third person and distancing himself from any actual involvement.”

Williamson County Sheriff’s Office spokesperson says “After investigating over 2,000 tips, and eliminating numerous individuals suspected to have been involved with Rachel’s disappearance, now WCSO (Williamson County Sheriff’s Office) is looking for a subject that was living in the Georgetown area in 2002 and has travelled to multiple cities throughout the state of Texas,”19 years after her disappearance.

The FBI and sheriff’s office are offering up to $100,000 for information leading to the location of Cooke.

If anyone has any information concerning Rachel or the person of interest, please call 512-948-2911 or the cold case tip line at 512-943-5204.