Preston Spencer Obituary – Death, Victim of Wichita Shooting

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Preston Spencer Obituary – Death: 34 year old Preston Spencer was killed on Tuesday by a vindictive “unidentified ” shooter.

The shooting occurred at Enigma Club & Lounge at 351 N. Mosley in Old Town. The shooter had been kicked out of the bar for getting into a fight, he however returned and fired multiple rounds into the bar killing Spencer and injuring 5 other people.

According to reports from his friend Emma Mast, they had been in the bar with friends to catch up and have fun when the shooting began. Spencer selflessly shielded his pregnant cousin with his body and got shot instead. Spencer has been described by his friends as a selfless and loving father, husband, friend, colleague and aspiring businessman.


Spencer was married to his beau, Kendra and the couple have 2 kids (5 and 3) together. He was a former Heights High School football player who had just launched his own bartending and catering business called 316 Proof.

Spencer worked over the years at places like Larry Bud’s, The Tin Lizard at the Kansas Star Casino and at Old Chicago, Kuhn said, and he counted among his friends many of Wichita’s best-known chefs and bartenders.


Emma Mast said: “Preston did what Preston does. He protected his friends and family…He was the light of the room. He made every single place feel like home, no matter where it was. He made sure everyone was seen and happy.”

According to Bryce Kuhn (Spencer’s boss and owner of 12, the bar where Spencer worked at) Spencer was the “consummate entertainer, the kind of bartender who attracted a following. The irony of the situation, Kuhn said, was that if Spencer had encountered an angry patron at his bar, he would have been able to make him a cocktail and have him laughing in no time. People came just to sit at his bar even if he was so busy that service was slower they wouldn’t care. They just wanted to be in his presence feel his charm.

The pregnant cousin has been checked out of the hospital and she and her unborn baby are both okay. There have also been no reports of any other death from the incidence. The shooter however is still at large and investigations are still on.

Anyone with valuable/useful information about the shooter and the case is encouraged to reach out to the Wichita police detectives at 316-268-4646 or Wichita-Sedgwick County Crime Stoppers at 316-267-2111.