Pressley Stutts, a Greenville County Republican Party leader dies from Covid-19

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 Pressley Stutts death – Obituary, cause of death: A 64-year-old  Pressley Stutts, a Greenville County Republican Greenville County, died on Thursday morning, due to the complications from Covid-19.

He was well recognized as the Greeen County party leader, who has laid a good legacy for people around him to follow

Stutts said in a statement , that he was following the footstep of Trump, to remove  anyone who is not in full support of  the former president out of the Republican party. Over the summer, Stutts led a group loyal to former President Donald Trump to force the resignation of several Greenville County Republican Party leaders.

He believes in  “freedom and liberty,” that why, he didn’t support the idea of forcefully use of face mask or vaccine, because they intrude on American freedoms.

However, he had been hospitalized struggling with COVID-19 for nearly a month, which we met his death in the process.

His death was confirmed by Dan Harvell, who represents the Anderson County Republican Party on the South Carolina Republican Party’s executive committee.

“I really don’t have words to say about the imprint that he left on the political landscape in South Carolina,” Harvell said. “He had the kind of personality that enabled him to get done what others couldn’t do.

On the report of his post on facebook, Stutts and his wife were rushed to the hospital Aug. 1 after his oxygen levels dropped. “The COVID has created double pneumonia in my lungs,”

  • Pressley Stutts obituary – Death Notice
  • cause of death – Covid-19
  • Age – 64