Police search for Aija Cernevica Missing in Redditch

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Aija Cernevica Missing – Help police find 26-year-old female who has gone missing in Redditch

Aija Cernevica, 26-year-old from Studley, was reported missing since Last week. She was said to have gone missing from Redditch but has links to the town

Aija Cernevica Description

  • Sex – Female
  • Age – 26-year-old
  • Height – 5 Ft 10 inches
  • Hair – Shoulder length Dark
  • Race – White

No distinctive features or birth marks was also given, however she is reported to speak with a Polish accent.

Aija Cernevica’s last known outfit

Aija Cernevica, according to sources was last seen wearing a white tank top, a knee length shirt with a burberry pattern and black leather boots.

Has Aija Cernevica been found?

At the time of this report, there is no information stating that Aija Cernevica has been found.

However, this post will be updated as soon as there is information that states otherwise

What are authorities doing to find Aija Cernevica?

Authorities began search for Aija Cernevica immediately she was reported missing.

The Warwickshire Police are seeking the help of the public in finding Aija Cernevica, as they are growing increasingly worried for her safety.

Help find Aija Cernevica:

To help find Aija Cernevica, you can share this post to your Facebook and Twitter accounts to help create awareness that she is still missing.

Anyone who has seen or heard from Aija Cernevica since the reported date or has information to help find her has been asked to call 101 0r 999.


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