Police investigate shooting outside of Tulsa QuikTrip

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Tulsa police are investigating an overnight shooting at a QuikTrip near 71st and Riverside.

Officers say an argument between two men ended with a bullet almost hitting the store.
The shooting occurred at about 3 a.m. on Thursday morning, police said.

Authorities say a man walked into the QuikTrip to buy things and then left the store.

Officers say he then started arguing with someone outside the store.

One of the men went to his car to get a gun and tried to shoot the other but missed and hit the water casing just outside the QuikTrip.

According to officers, only one shot was fired and the shooter drove off right after pulling the trigger.

Cpt. Jarrod Hart with TPD said he is glad no one was hurt since there were several people in the store and parking lot at the time.

“Anytime you discharge a firearm in the City of Tulsa with people around, it can be very dangerous,” said Cpt. Hart.

Officers say they still have not identified anyone involved in the shooting.