Police Identify Victims of Weekend Shootings in Providence

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Providence Police Department has released the two identified victims who were shot and killed 20 minutes from each other over the weekend.

Authorities identified Daniel Zairis as a 24-year-old victim shot around 2 a.m. on Saturday as he exits a nightclub. “He had come out, he appears to be walking by a man who took out a weapon and shot him several times,” Maj. David Lapatin said.

Zairis was immediately rushed to the hospital, where he died hours later.
According to the report by the police, about 20 minutes to the first incident. Outside a convenience store was a man identified as Andrei Bonilla aged 23, of Providence, found suffering from a gunshot wound in his car.

The 23-year-old was seen in the car with a woman earlier, before the incident. The woman’s ex-boyfriend showed up and allegedly shot Andrei. Police pronounced him dead at the scene.

The murder of Andrei has been hunted by the police. The report says he is still on the loose

These two incidents were apparently unconnected homicides.

It appears both victims were targeted, Maj. David said.