Police: Boat found below the waterfall at Tokagjelet – search for three missing people continues

Search Operation In Kvam

The police have said that a boat was recovered under the waterfall at Tokagjelet in Kvam on Monday morning, where a search has been on for three missing people. “We link the boat to the incident,” task leader Svein Valland Laupsa said in a press release.

Troopers from the Alpine rescue group, alongside the fire brigade’s drone, recovered the boat below the waterfall, which has been estimated to be 15 meters high. The missing people from Askøy outside Bergen and dog are yet to be found, the police confirms this is to be a rescue mission.

The longer it takes, the lower the chances of finding them alive. But we are still searching and hope to find them alive, We are searching throughout the river,” said Laupsa .

Kindly listen to the page for a more detailed information on this developing story as Police investigation is still underway.