Photos: Kim Kardashian arrives for the Balenciaga show in Paris

Kim Kardashian

Amidst divorce challenges with Kany West, Kim Kardashian kept a low profile at the Balenciaga show in Paris on Sunday morning. As she arrived for the runway hijinks, the singer, 41, was shielded by a blue umbrella and dressed classically stylish in a white coat and black shades.

For the premium fashion show, the now legally single diva straightened her raven braids, which she is believed to be “furious” about Kanye West’s Eazy music video, which shows the musician burying her beau Pete Davidson alive.

It’s as follows: Kim Kardashian kept a low profile as she arrived for the Balenciaga presentation in Paris on Sunday, hiding under an umbrella. Kanye, 44, uploaded the weird new music video on Tuesday, in which an animated clay version of Kanye kidnaps a clay Pete, throws a bag over his head, ties him up, and throws him in the back of an all-terrain vehicle.

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Kim Kardashian removes “West” from her name following divorce finalization

As a Los Angeles judge pronounced her legally single on Wednesday, reality Tv star, Kim Kardashian dropped Kanye West’s name. Kardashian said yes to both when Judge Steve Cochran inquired if she planned to change her last name and if her marriage had broken down. West’s lawyer, Samantha Spector, claimed the rapper was more concerned about what would happen to his “properties and interests” than the name change. Continue Reading