Pete Wentz Photos and Videos Revealed

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Who is Pete Wentz? Photos and videos leaked

Peter Wentz. Photos and Videos Revealed.

who is Peter Wentz?

Peter Wentz, born on the 5th of June 1979, in Wilmette, Illinois, United States. With height 1.68m. His spouse was Ashlee Simpson (m. 2008-2011). His now partner, Meagan Camper(2011-). Pete’s parents are Dale Wentz, Pete Wentz II. He has 3 kids named Bronx Wentz, Marvel Jane Wentz, Saint Lazslo Wentz.


Peter Wentz is the bassist for ”Fall Out Boy” and is a friend of Craig Manning and Cassadee Pope. He is also a musician who appeared briefly in the film ”Degrassi Goes Hollywood”.

When Ellen Nash was walking around Los Angeles looking for a store in ”Degrassi Goes Hollywood”, she met Craig, hanging out with Pete Wentz and Cassadee Pope. Craig introduced them to the celebrities. Pete told Ellie that Craig taught him and his friend Cassadee how to enjoy French fries with Ketchup. He also reiterated that they still enjoy it, now they are so addicted to them that they can’t go un tour without French fries and ketchup.     His works also includes Fall Out Boy (since 2001), Racetraitor, Arma Angelus, Cinematic Sunrise, Black Cards.