Penang police seeks to identify men killed in Bukit Mengkuang shootout

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Officials of the Penang Police said they are working to identify the two men shot dead early this morning after opening fire on the officers at Bukit Mengkuang in Kubang Semang.

Datuk Mohd Zain, a Penang Police Chief stated the two men appear to be foreigners, as they were found without any means of identifications on them.

Investigation is active and Investigators are working to understand if the men are involved in any other illegal activities, according to reports.

“We don’t know where they where heading to before the shootout, we followed their car from Jalan Penanti before the shooting ensued,” he add.

Police said the duo, who were said to be in their 30s-40s were on Penang most wanted list through Ops Api Siakap, following a criminal menace and a shooting incident in Bukit Mertajam, Sept. 12th.

Sources say the police-chase incident ensued after they duo tried escaping a traffic stop in Jalan Penanti.

The vehicle reportedly haulted close to a hilly area, then one of the men got out of the vehicle and fired shots at the officer, while the second man came out with a parang in hand.
“Due to their aggressive actions, the police officers on site had to return fire in self defense, striking the suspects and eventually killing them,” Mohd Shuhaily added.

Police the two bodies has been sent to the Seberang Jaya Hospital for autopsy.