Penalties to be Increased for Drug Dealers

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‘Death by Dealer’ bill could spiral mulct for drug dealers connected to excessive deaths

NEW YORK – September is National Drug Recovery month, and the number of fatal overdoses is wobbling.

Last year, synthetic opioids, including fentanyl, aided drive unapparelled deaths across the nation.

After losing her son to an overdose, Linda Ventura worked together with state officials and proponent to rally for increased punishment for dealers whose drugs lead to death. The CDC has reported a 30% increase in excessive deaths nationwide over the last year.

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According to New York State Sen. Todd Kaminsky, there’s been a 34% spike in drug overdose deaths in Nassau County on Long Island.

Nationwide, 62% of overdose deaths tangled with fentanyl. Sponsors of the so-called “Death by Dealer” bill say the legislation would make drug dealers accountable, like the case on Long Island over the summer when six people died of drug overdoses in just one week. In addition to stiffer penalties, recovery centers like Thrive are essential for helping those suffering with addiction. It’s a community safe space offering a host of programs to those in need.

In response to the overwhelming circumstances, Ventura has also channeled her grief into helping families dealing with addiction through her foundation, ‘‘Thomas’ Hope’‘.