Pedro Rebollo, actor of ‘Aída’ and ‘Los Serrano’, Dead

By | December 31, 2021

Pedro Rebollo, actor of ‘Aída’ and ‘Los Serrano’, Dead – The Aragonese artist passed away yesterday at the age of 59, leaving behind a prolific career as an actor, director and theater critic. He is known for his participation in series like “Aída”, “El Comisario” and “Los Serrano”.

The premature death of the actor and playwright Pedro Rebollo (Pedro Rebollo) regretted in show business.

He worked with almost all the Aragonese theater companies, and his leap to the small screen allowed him to live between Zaragoza and Madrid. The people at the table with him promised that he had a special magic when he came to power. He is also a theater critic for Diario 16 and has been a mentor to several companies.

The actor died after a long struggle with the disease, and his death left his companions great pain. He always said that he was not looking for success, but “to live my life as an actor”. In his private life, he was a partner of the Zaragoza actress Laura Plano, and had a daughter.

Pedro Rebollo trained at the Municipal School of Dramatic Art and worked for many Aragonese companies, such as the Alba Theater and the Travia Theater. He has been in contact with Viridiana for many years. He combined his passion for the stage with his work in theaters and small screens, which brought him fame and recognition.

He is one of the actors in the movie “Requiem for Spanish farmers”, and has participated in the series “Time between seams”, “Central Hospital”, “Red Eagle”, “Doctor Mateo”, “Inter Milan”, etc. “El Diario del Fiedo”, “El Hombre de Paco” and “Cuenta Regresiva.” His last work was a dramatic adaptation of the novel “Yellow Rain”.

Esteban Villarrocha, Pedro’s theater director, partner and friend, promised that “when he goes on stage he has a special magic.” He described him as “one of the best and most talented actors I have ever seen on the stage of the theater.” Critics once thought that he was “the best actor of his generation.”

Pedro Rebollo and Esteban Villarrocha met at the academy and have been together ever since. Together they created “Caín de Saramago”, Pedro imitated the voice of the Portuguese writer with surprising similarities. The actor also participated in works such as “El Viejo y el Mar” and “El Poeta y Platero”.

Mariano Anós, actor and playwright from Zaragoza, highlighted his “cruel stage talent” and said that he was “always talented, carefully selected and with very different characteristics.” They shared famous projects such as “Life is a Dream” and one of Pedro’s last works, the short film “Solo” by Lorenzo Montull.

As a theater critic, he met the journalist and writer Ana Rioja on the pages of “Diario 16”. She now she claims to be “as devastated as everyone who knows her”. In her final tribute, she wrote: “I want you to live, as you did when you conquered me with a smile more than thirty years ago.”

One of the people closest to the deceased actor, Jesús Arbués, was one of the first to respond. “Although we have anticipated it, we cannot get used to the idea of ​​never seeing him again. I’m sorry. Because everything coexists. I can’t speak. Friend Pedro Rebollo DEP.”