Paul Stevenson Missing – Disappearance of Bundaberg man, Queensland

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Paul Stevenson Missing – Where is the Queensland man who went missing after going on a ride with his overpriced motorcycle in march 2021?

Queensland, AUS – Disappearance of Paul Stevenson, 47 year-old at the time he went missing.

What happened to Paul Stevenson?

The question what happened to Paul cannot be fully answered because he is still missing at the time of this report.

Paul was said to be a lowkey average Aussie bloke who loved and took care of his family. He was said to live a lowkey life until he went missing after taking his overpriced bike for a morning ride and never came back.

The 47 year-old was said to usually go riding his bike but on Sunday, 11th of March 2012 it was a different ball game as he did it and hasn’t been seen or heard from since then.

The family of Paul did not report him missing immediately because of the myth usually portrayed in movies that says when a person is missing you have to wait 24 hours before reporting him.

Paul’s daughter Nikki said “That’s where it sort of spiralled, it was just a sickening feeling. I just remember distinctively feeling like this knot of pure sickness in my stomach. And I remember we didn’t know whether we had to go to the police or not.”

Authorities has tried severally to enlighten citizens that once a person is suspected missing they should be reported immediately as this makes it easier to find the person.

The Australia government law states “Anytime you have concerns for the safety and welfare of someone and their whereabouts are unknown you can report them missing to your local police. You DO NOT have to wait 24 hours to report someone missing.”

The 47 year-old was later reported missing by his daughter, Nikki.

Paul Stevenson search:

After extensive searching, police were able to locate his motorcycle and helmet, at the bottom of an embankment, minor damage was done to the bike but nothing to suggest an accident. No skid marks, no blood, and for eight years now the police and his family have struggled to discover the truth.

The bike was described a black 1978 Honda motorcycle.

During the investigation, on Sunday, March 11, 2012, a CCTV footage was found which reportedly showed Paul filling up his bike with petrol, after leaving his house for a ride.

According to reports, rumors started springing up with different theories about Paul disappearance and this made his family very sad.

Nikki said “I remember one person, and he was around Mount Perry and had no idea who I was, and pretty much just turned and said that dad just up and left.”

Paul Stevenson description:

The 47 year-old has been described as a White male who has blue eyes and brown hair. He is said to be of medium build.

The last known clothing description has not been given.

No distinctive features or birth marks were also given.

What can you do to help find Paul Stevenson?

You can help find Paul by sharing this post on our Facebook and Twitter as this will help create awareness that he is still missing.

Anyone who has seen or heard from Paul Stevenson since the reported date or has information to help find him has been asked to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

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