Paul Doughty Missing – Where is man missing from Musquash?

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Paul Doughty Missing – Help police find 76 year-old man who has been missing from Musquash since mid-August.

Police are still searching for the 76 year-old, Paul Doughty missing from Musquash in August.

According to reports, Paul was seen last on Wednesday, August 18th 2021 near McKay Loop Road and Route 175 near Pennfield. He was said to have been seen at a business in the area. He is believed to be driving a grey 2013 Buick Verano.

Neither Paul nor his vehicle has been seen since the reported date. The family of the 76 year-old has expressed worries at his disappearance as they say it is out of his character to just leave and not contact anyone. He’s phone has also reportedly been switched off and all attempts to reach him has been unsuccessful.

Paul Doughty search:

Authorities began search for the 76 year-old after he was reported missing. During the search, his vehicle was reportedly found deserted on a Trailclose to where he was seen last two weeks into the search. There still wasn’t any sign for Paul after he’s vehicle was found.

Reports say, ‘Local ground search and rescue teams have also been involved, and Doughty’s family has organized several searches of their own.’

Paul Doughty description:

The 76 year-old is described as a White male who is approximately 5’7″ feet tall and weighs about 100 pounds.

According to his missing person’s person’s report, he has short grey hair and brown eyes.

Paul’s last known clothing description was not given. No distinctive features or birth marks was also given.

Help find Paul Doughty:

To help find Paul, you can share this post on our Facebook and Twitter as this will help create awareness that he is missing.

Anyone who has seen or heard from Paul Doughty since he was reported missing or has information that can help find him has been asked to call Grand Bay-Westfield RCMP at 506-757-1020.