Patrick Rockinberg Obituary, Death, Mount Airy Mayor, Cause of Death

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Patrick Rockinberg Obituary – Death: Mount Airy Mayor Patrick Rockinberg has died. Patrick Rockinberg, former Mayor of Mount Airy is dead at age 58. Rockinberg served as the Mayor of the town for over 11 years and his death was announced by Town officials on Sunday.

Patrick Rockinberg ‘s Life

Co-workers and the people of Mount Airy have referred to Mount Airy Mayor Patrick Rockinberg (58) as amiable and approachable. Councilwoman Lynne Galletti said: “He was the people’s mayor”. She said he was a major inspiration behind her success as a public officer. She further praised him for being a good leader who got involved with his constituents personally as she stated that: “The cool thing about Pat was he always made you feel like you were welcome and you were important and what you had to say mattered. I’m really bummed that I don’t get to serve with him. But now, I get to serve for him.”

Rockinberg’s long time service in itself is a testimony to how loved and appreciated he was by his people and co-workers. Bob King, who was Rockinberg’s close friend (they had run against each other for Mount Airy Mayor) spoke about how Rockinberg had visited residents personally (one after the other) to get their opinion about a construction that was necessary but would have caused a great inconvenience to the residents just to be sure they were comfortable with the decision to go on with the construction for a stretch of 24 hours in time for Labour Day celebration.
The people of Mount Airy have indeed lost a rare gem and he will be terribly missed

Cause of Death –  Funeral arrangements

The cause of death has not been revealed at this moment. He had however had to step down for a while in 2018 when he underwent surgery for “Esophageal Cancer” (Cancer of the tube that runs from the throat to the stomach “oesophagus”).

We will be sure to update any new information concerning funeral arrangements.