Paraguay Governor’s Daughter and lover shot dead

Haylee Acevedo Death – Obituary : The daughter of Paraguay Governor Amambay Ronald Acevedo, 21-year-old Haylee Acevedo was shot dead outside a nightclub in Pedro Juan Caballero, Brazil, reports said.

Acevedo was shot and killed alongside her boyfriend Omar Ivarez last Saturday.
Preliminary investigation shows Haylee Acevedo and her boyfriend 32-year-old Omar Ivarez and her friends 22-year-old Kaline Reinoso and 18-year-old Rhamye Borges were just about to leave the club, they were seen walking towards the vehicle when one of the gunmen ran from a truck and opened fire.

The attacker fired at least 100 shots in succession.

Paraguayan authorities said the attackers fired 107 shots with AK-47s and AR-15s. Haylee’s lover Omar Ivares was shot 32 times. his friend Reinoso had 14 shots and Borges had 10,  Hayle Acevedo was hit by 6 bullets.

The SUV that was driven by the victims themselves is suspected to be stolen because it was reported missing since last June.

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