One piece 1037 reddit, “SHURON HAKKE” spoiler of Chapter 1037

One Piece Chapter 1037 will be titled: “Shulun Hacker”, and this chapter will bring a big surprise to the whole “Straw Hat” team. In a new spoiler, we learn of a new confrontation between Luffy and Kaido. The battle will unfold in such an impressive way that the government itself will want to intervene.

The end of the festival is getting closer and closer. Luffy vs Kaido is getting more and more impressive. During the battle, Kaido begins drinking sake, which activates his “Shuron Hakke”, a combat mode in which Kaido goes through different stages until reaching maximum power (similar to Rock Lee’s “Drunk” mode).

One piece 1037 reddit, “SHURON HAKKE” spoiler of Chapter 1037

Kaido reveals the new attack and causes it to crash into Luffy’s Gatling, the power of the two shaking the island. The Gorosei move to Pangea Castle on Mary Geoise to continue their plan to capture Niko Robin. Naval ships are heading for Hezhi. At that time, the fleet informed Wuxing of a mysterious shadow, Wuxing said it was impossible, it was just a legend and it had not awakened in the past centuries.

Gorosei started talking about an Akuma no Mi who was given another name to hide her true nature. At the end of the chapter, the shadow the ship saw in the Wano Sea is revealed. end.