One dead, other injured in Warr Acres overnight shooting

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Warr Acres Police are reportedly probing a Saturday night shooting incident near Wilshire and MacArthur Saturday night that left one dead another wounded, according to reports.

The incident occurred in a parking lot. Authorities are working to know the motive in the shooting.

Some neighbors in the area narrated the incident,

“There was like three gunshots and then a whole bunch and then a couple more after that,” Peyton Shaw said. “My first thought was that it was fireworks, and I was like, ‘man it’s like midnight.’”

“To hear them in rapid succession like that was a little concerning once we knew it was gunshots especially and then to know somebody lost their life was really upsetting,” Michelle Shaw said. “It was a lot. That was the most alarming thing, and you think, if it was gunfire, now I’m really worried because that was a lot of gunfire.”

“I can’t believe that was just like a couple feet from me sleeping,” Peyton said.

“Hearing something like that and knowing it was gunfire and that somebody lost their life, I think it might make you a little more cautious, about coming out, especially after dark, being more aware of what’s going on around you,” Michelle said.