Omarion Carrillo Missing – Help find teen missing from Hemosa

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Omarion Carrillo Missing – Authorities seeks help in finding woman missing from Hermosa since Saturday 21st of August.

Who is Omarion Carrillo?

Omarion Carrillo is an Hispanic teen male who has been reported missing from Hermosa. He was born on October 30th, 2006.

What happened to Omarion Carrillo?

The question what happened to Omarion Carrillo cannot be fully answered as she is still considered a missing person.

However, what we know is that Carrillo, was seen last on Saturday, August 21st 2021. He was said to have been seen last in his residence in the 2100 block of North Kenneth Avenue.

According to reports, his cell phone cannot be reached and his family and loved ones has not seen or heard from him since he was reported missing

The family of the 14 year-old has expressed their profound worries at his disappearance as they say it is out of his character to not reach out even if he was in trouble. They fear he could be in danger due to his age and hope he is found safe soon.

Omarion Carrillo description:

The 14 year-old has been described as an Hispanic male who is approximately 5’6″ feet tall and weighs about 125 pounds. He has brown hair and brown eyes. He is also said to have olive complexion.

His last known clothing description has been given as a hooded sweatshirt with an anime theme, jeans and red Air Jordan sneakers.

No visible birthmarks or distinctive features has been given.

What are Authorities doing to find Omarion Carrillo?

Police in police in Hermosa has been conducting search for Carrillo since she was reported missing.

Concerns are growing for the missing 23 year-old as all search efforts for her has been unsuccessful.

The Area Five detectives are now seeking the help of the public in finding Omarion Carrillo. They urge anyone who knows something to speak up.

How can you help find Omarion Carrillo?

You can help find the missing 14 year-old by visiting our page on Facebook and sharing this post.

Anyone with information that can help find Omarion Carrillo has been asked to contact Area Five detectives at 312-746-6554.

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