Octokuro Model’s Pictures Exposed

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Who is Octokuro model?

Pictures and videos leaked


Octokuro model makes use of this COSPLAY to surprise fans.

The popular model and cosplayer usually finds ways to steal her followers attention, and her latest work has not just stolen the sights of her fans alone but millions.

For most followers of the popular model and gamer octokuro.model, the internet celebrity once again made her followers open their mouths after posting this provocative creation on her official  Instagram account.

Curious about her COSPLAY?

What makes most people very curious about her arts is that the role player always find ways to adapt certain characters or tendencies to your own version. In this particular creation, she has removed her body to show us her mastery of the cow, the dazzling figure and the added horned cow ears.

The most significant thing about this role-play is that her stockings and swimsuit go very well with the paper, due to the fact that they have cow prints, now, adding it to her scruptural body, Octokuro model can only provide images that we cannot get from it. With eyes glued. Although we have seen some of the striking works of the Octokuro model before, this time we will take a look at one of the most striking aspects.

What keeps us curious is that although this role -play is very simple, the model seems to be enough to drive her fans crazy.